Saint Georges

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Saint Georges St Georges top view


In the middle of XVIII th century the village was flourishing, today is left of Saint George only the church, the old presbytery and a second home.


In this rocky wild setting would have a favorable place for ancient cult. The Christian religion has build a church and take up legends of the area.

In this natural site there is a Christian legend : pursued by this enemies (Saracens?), Saint George ( confusion between Saint George the cavalier and the Lodeve bishop : Saint George of Rodez ) would have jump over the Viaur valley. Four footprint of his horse mark the rocky below the church.


The gothic church was dependent from Saint Victor of Marseilles, it was heightened to be use for loft (mullioned windows Renaissance style).

As old graveyard, the Saint-George churchyard is against the edifice. In the other way of the cart track stay a grave in a hollow rock

tympanChrist in majesty adorn the top of the gate, it comes from old roman cathedral of Rodez fall down in the night of 16 to 17 February 1276, the friar labourer in charge of rebuilding was a Saint George monk. The Christ of Conques is make from this model.

tympan Conques

The oratory was built in 1545 by Stephen Bessiere, macon of Rodez